In Follow Me your goal is to lead your people to safety. 

The path, however is not an easy one. Some of you will have to sacrifice their life to let the others continue their journey.

When the path is hard you can sacrifice your character to turn it into a platform.

Try to reach the end with the most survivors.


  • Movement: arrow keys
  • Sacrifice: spacebar
  • Remove latest platform: C

Please, feel free to post your score here or on the Ludum Dare page.


After hearing some feedback I decided to fix a couple of game-breaking bugs. You can decide if you prefer to try the original jam version or the fixed one. Both are available for download (the WebGL version is the updated one).


  • Survivors sometimes dying on spikes even if the player passed through unscathed.
  • Losing control of the player after sacrifice in certain circumstances.
  • Annoying camera snap when dying/sacrificing while the first following survivor was still moving

Code, Art and Audio by Fabio Marocchi


Download 13 MB
Download 15 MB
Download 13 MB
Download 15 MB

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